Limescale can accumulate very quickly and kettles are particularly prone to a build up. But, fear not – there is a super easy way to descale a kettle that doesn’t involve any nasty chemicals!

At Penrose, we love to use eco-friendly products whenever we can. One of our favourite products to use is simply white vinegar. It has so many uses. One brilliant use for white vinegar is to descale a kettle.

  1. Pour some vinegar onto a microfiber cloth or kitchen roll, and wipe the outside of the kettle. You can also use a soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar to reach the hard to clean nooks and crannies. For particularly stubborn areas, simply lay a cloth soaked with vinegar over the section for a few minutes, before buffing to a shine.
  2. Pour equal parts vinegar and water (approx. 1 cup of each) into the kettle and bring to the boil. Once cooled, gently swill the vinegar and water around in the kettle, and then empty out the solution. Once completely cooled, wipe the spout to remove the last traces of limescale. Then fill the kettle with water, boil it and discard the water.
  3. Sit back with a lovely cup of tea and admire your shiny as new, limescale free kettle!