We all have a little ‘clutter’ lying around our homes. In fact, some of us may have more than a little! Clutter can be a sneaky thing and can accumulate in our homes little by little without us even noticing!

The chaos and disorder of clutter can impact not just the physical aesthetic of our home but how we feel in it. Clutter can make us stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, turning our home from a haven to a burden.

Whether your clutter is out of control, or you just need to make a few tweaks it is a well-established fact that a clean and organised space will transform your mental and emotional health too.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part…

Penrose Professional Housekeeping advocates the Three Box Method.

  1. Start small – one room or cupboard at a time: Sort items into three boxes labelled: KEEP / DISCARD / DONATE.
  2. Items in your ‘Keep’ box should be placed in their newly chosen home; neatly stored and labelled if necessary.
  3. Items in your ‘Discard’ box should be recycled where possible.
  4. Items in your ‘Donate’ box could be donated to a local charity shop, or to a friend or family member, if appropriate. Items could also be sold on eBay, Depop or other selling sites.
  5. Relax! Enjoy your clutter-free home!

If you would like help to declutter, Penrose are happy to offer this service! We can help you to declutter and organise anything from a single wardrobe, to a room, or your entire home.

So, whether your house is in need of a re-fresh, you are downsizing or you are preparing for a new family member, there is no better time than now to make a small positive change. Penrose would love to help you make your house a home.