Chrome is a durable material ideally suited for taps, and looks beautiful when polished to a shine. However, when it isn’t regularly maintained, it doesn’t take long for the surface to dull and tarnish. Without ongoing care, chrome fixtures and fittings can begin to lose their shine and lustre, becoming drab and dull. Thankfully, a little time and elbow grease are usually enough to return your bathroom to its former glory.

1.     Soap and water

When it comes to looking after chrome, prevention is definitely better than cure! If your chrome is cleaned regularly, then marks and stains will have less chance of settling, and some dish soap and warm water should be enough to do the trick. Using a microfibre cloth and some soapy water, simply wipe the chrome and rinse. A toothbrush can be used for any hard to reach nooks and crannies. Once clean, rinse with warm water to remove any soap residue, so as not to risk tarnishing the metal, and then buff to a shine with a dry microfibre cloth.

2.     Vinegar and Water

If soap and water doesn’t cut it, a solution of 50/50 vinegar and water is a great option. Simply spray some of the acidic solution onto a microfibre cloth, and get to work wiping and polishing. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Water spots can develop so remember to dry the chrome thoroughly after cleaning. That gleaming finish can then be achieved by buffing using a dry cloth to bring out the shine – small circular motions can help to prevent smudges.

Important to note: Never use harsh cleaning solutions or scrubbing pads, as over time they are likely to scratch and damage the chrome.